Staying at Hotel Akash Motel, Ambala

After reaching our destination the search for the appropriate hotel began. Since our budget was low, staying at a fine hotel would cost us a fortune. So we decided to look for a fine low-budget hotel in the town. The search was difficult since it was not easy to find a hotel with good facilities at a low budget. After a few unsuccessful attempts, we finally found what we were looking for. We were extremely happy and relieved to find a place that matched our expectations. It was actually a motel, but it was beautiful and situated in a nice and calm environment. We came to know that it was a newly built building and had been running their business for only a few years. The receptionist, the manager and the rest of the staff at the Hotel Akash Motel, Ambala was extremely cordial to us and we realized that we had come to the right place.

Hotel Akash Motel, Ambala

Hotel Akash Motel Ambala I Image Resource :

The hotel Akash was located near the famous cloth market in Ambala. So the tension of shopping was completely eliminated from my mind as the market was only a few minutes’ walk from the motel. The motel had all the latest facilities that would fulfil the needs of the guests visiting the motel. It was very near to the bus and taxi stands and so the problem of transportation for sightseeing was eliminated from my mind.

The motel was equipped with excellent rooms provided with television, sofas, well-furnished bathrooms, air conditioner system, and more. There were about 15 rooms in the hotel, including one deluxe room. The rent of each room was about 1200 rupees for one day. The experience of staying in the motel was excellent and it fulfilled our needs and demands. I would recommend you to stay at this Hotel Akash Motel, Ambala while visiting this place, especially if you are looking for a cheap hotel with fine facilities. The search of our hotel was complete and the next part was to explore the city and its people. It was still unknown to us what the city had in store for us.


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