The awesome flower show of Town Park Faridabad

Delhi is surrounded by a number of small towns which have their own importance in the field of commerce, art and culture, tourism, education, etc. Among all, Faridabad is also a town, 25 km away from Delhi, which a person should not miss to visit. I still remember the cheerful faces and ready to help nature of the inhabitants of Faridabad. I was extremely happy that I had selected this place for my trip. I had a memorable trip till that time and was excited to see many other destinations in Faridabad. A place called Town Park Faridabad was a well known park for the tourists as well as the local people of the town.

Town Park Faridabad

Town Park Faridabad I Image Resource :

The park was located in sector-12 of the town and it was beautifully constructed with a number of flowers and trees. The rides for the kids were the best added thing to the park as it made the children fell excited to a great extent. We went to spend a relaxed evening in the park. The atmosphere was very favorable and the weather was also suitable for a peaceful evening. After entering the park we covered the entire place on short footsteps. My son had a splendid time on various rides. Since it was the month of January we were fortunate to have an experience of one of the biggest flower show held by the Haryana Urban Development Authority. It was an amazing show with varieties of species from all over the world. We were overwhelmed with the colors of the flowers which were extremely bright and lively. We were astonished to see the art of the Creator who had filled such incredible colors to the nature and the world. We also bought some flower pots of roses, orchids, marigolds and lilies and some seeds of the international flowers for our lawns outside our houses. My husband placed the pots safely in a container so that we could enjoy the remaining portion of our trip to the fullest.

A part of the day passed with a blissful experience of the Town Park Faridabad and the next move was on the way with some wonderful memories of the park with my family in Faridabad.


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