The Dream College Of Every Student – Indian Institute Of Technology Patna

We returned back to the city of Patna after visiting the Mahatma Gandhi Setu. We took halt in a hotel near the Patna railway station. We got a really good hotel within our budget. We had our dinner and then went on to take rest as the next morning we had planned to visit Indian Institute of Technology Patna. Next morning, I woke up, had my breakfast and booked a car in order to visit the IIT. There are three roads by which one can go from Patna railway station to the IIT. Those are the Boring Rd, Patliputra Kurji Rd and the Ashok raj path. If we chose the latter two it would have taken almost an hour to reach there. The first one was short enough and we reached IIT within half an hour.

Indian Institute Of Technology Patna

Indian Institute Of Technology Patna I Image Resource :

As soon as we entered the gates, we saw a large campus with students here and there. It was like my college days are back to life again. The campus was very lively with all sorts ofDaily Report of 10/1/2014 student activities going on. There are mainly three schools in the IIT building. The first one is the school of engineering which has many departments like, civil engineering, computer engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and material science engineering. The second one is the school of basic sciences which consists of the main science subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. The third one is the school of humanities which consists of social science and humanities department.

When we visited the interiors, we saw the library. There were numerous students reading books there. There were new methods of reading like e journals, etc. The library had different sections of books and it was indeed a very large one. There are many facilities of sports. The common room has table tennis and carom. Along with that there are various courts and grounds in the entire campus. They have stores within the campus for necessary purposes. It was indeed a great trip to Indian Institute of Technology Patna. Next morning we planned to visit the Sonepur mela.

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