The Longest River Bridge – Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna

Our trip to Gaya was indeed a great one. We visited the Barabar caves and Ratnaghara. That was indeed delightful. After visiting Gaya and seeing all the sightseeing, we started heading towards Patna. Patna is the capital of Bihar and is also considered as the largest city in the state. We left for Patna early in the morning and we reached Patna by 10 am in the morning. We could not let that day go waste so we decided to take a look on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna. Setu is actually a river bridge. This bridge is situated over the Ganga River. This is basically considered to be the largest bridge in India. The bridge connects Patna in the south to a place name Hajipur which is in the northern Bihar.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna I Image Resource :

As history records, we came to know that this bridge was inaugurated in 1982 by Indira Gandhi who was the prime minister of India at that time. The bridge is considered as the lifeline between northern Bihar and the state capital. We booked a car and then went to see this wonderful bridge. This is much near Patna and takes a maximum of half an hour time to reach here. The length of the bridge is 5575 meters and it is stretched over 48 pillars. The deck is 7.5 m wide and it has two wide lane roadways along with 2 footpaths on each side. The view from the footpath is really good. It is not advisable to do so, but I peeked out from the footpath’s railing in order to get a clear view. The view was amazing. Photographers can do awesome photography of the bridge. We waited around the place till sunset. While the sun was setting down, I clicked some awesome pictures of the bridge along with the sun.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna I Image Resource :

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Patna is a marvellous engineering construction. After visiting this, while we waited for the sunset, we had our lunch in a restaurant situated near the bridge. After viewing the sunset, we headed back towards hotel as we had to prepare to visit Indian Institute of Technology the next day in the morning.

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