Water Catchment Sanctuary Shimla – A Perfect Place for Those Who Love Adventure

After the visit to Chadwick falls we decided to visit the Water Catchment Sanctuary Shimla. It is a wildlife sanctuary in Shimla visited by thousands of tourists every day. It is the perfect tourist place for those who love nature and wildlife. It is open on all the days of the week. The time to visit the sanctuary is from 8 am to 6 pm. you need not pay any entry fee to get inside the sanctuary.

Water Catchment Sanctuary Shimla

Water Catchment Sanctuary Shimla | Image Resource : blogspot.com

The Water Catchment Sanctuary is located in Charabara village and extends from Dhalli to Kufri and beyond. It is from here that the whole of Shimla get its water supply. It is devoid of human inhabitation and contains a wide variety of flora and fauna. It took a 20-minute drive from Shimla to reach the place. Inside the sanctuary there are bicycles and cars to take the visitors to all places. The fee charged for a person on car is Rs.25 and Rs.200 for booking a car. There were many walking trails and hiking trails in the sanctuary. Some of the trails offer you the best wildlife sights.

We booked a car and had a round of the place. There were thick jungles on both sides of the road and we were lucky to see a number of animals and birds on the way. A number of streams were seen flowing here offering a beautiful view to the tourists. There was many species of plants and flowers that were very colorful and bright. Many beautiful picnic spots were also seen perfect for an outing with family and friends.

The sanctuary is also a home to the pheasants, namely two species, the koklass species and the kaleej pheasant. We saw a large variety of other birds and spend some time watching them recollecting their names. We even spotted snow leopard and Himalayan Pongal. We took a few photographs of the birds and the scenery. The trip was very adventurous and the children fully enjoyed the trip. A visit to the Water Catchment Sanctuary Shimla was really worth it.

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