Chadwick Falls Shimla – One of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Shimla

Further to my lasts posts on Amritsar, this time I am writing about my Shimla trip. As a nature lover, I love hill stations and the beautiful view of the valleys. From childhood I have been dreaming of visiting new places and meeting different people. I am glad that my family shares the same passion for travelling. Travelling with family is the best way to forget all tensions and have an enjoyable holiday. I have already told you about Jakhu Temple and Indian Institute of Advanced Study in Shimla. Another main reason to go to Shimla is to view the spectacular Chadwick Falls Shimla.  it is located in Hyun Village, which is a small and beautiful place in Shimla.

Chadwick Falls Shimla

Chadwick Falls Shimla | Image Resource :

We went to visit Chadwick Falls on the second day after the breakfast. I took special care to provide a wholesome breakfast to the kids as we I was not sure whether we will find any restaurant on the way or not. It was about 7 km from the Mall. We were provided with a cab at the travel desk in the hotel. We walked from the Summer Hill of Shimla to get a beautiful view of the falls. The water fell from a height of 1586 meters and was a treat to the eyes. A thick forest of pine, deodar and other trees circled the fall making it even more beautiful. The water is very cold to touch.

Near the water fall there were a few shops selling drinking water and snacks. A few old shrines were also located near the place. A lot of tourists were seen walking around, taking photographs of the water fall and the surrounding area. The water made a fine spray as it fell down which was very beautiful to view.

The best time to visit the place is after the monsoons in September, when it is full of water and the falls at a fast pace. The water also sparkles a lot at this time. Chadwick Falls Shimla is really a must-visit place in Shimla, which fills you with awe of the nature’s beauty.

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