Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla – The Pride of India !

Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla

Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla I Image Resource :

Being a professor at the university and learning Literature, tour of Shimla was never complete without a visit to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study Shimla. So after we reached from Jakhu Temple and had our lunch, we decided to visit the institute. As it was a Sunday, the institute was open to the public. After taking the entry tickets we went inside the gate to have a breath taking view of the majestic building with beautiful lawns surrounding it.

The institute started functioning from 1965 and is built on the Observatory Hill. It has an area of 331 acres and the main subjects that are taught are social science, philosophy, pure mathematics, literature, etc. I told my kids that the place was used by the Viceroy earlier, and later used by the President of India. There was a guide who helped us through the way taking us to all parts of the building. He explained everything to us and made it easy for us explore the place. The campus holds a wide variety of flora and about 100 different species of birds.

Wide Collection of Books

Wide Collection of Books I Image Resource :

The library at the institute was a massive one and has a wide collection of books. I saw that most of them dealt with social science, humanities and philosophy. There were also other books. E-books are also offered at the library. After exploring a lot, we got tired and decided to have some refreshments. There was a small canteen by the side and it served fine coffee and snacks. Kids preferred fruit juice.

Behind the institute there is a garden, which has a metal slab displaying the peaks and passes of the Himalayas. This you can see on a clear day with binoculars. It was sunset by the time we were about to leave the place. The sunset was really spectacular and a memorable one. The guide told us that the sunrise and sunset viewed from here are very beautiful. I captured a few snaps of the sunset in my camera. After watching the sunset we got back to the hotel satisfied having spent the day at such a historic place.

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